Start of Day Checklist

Ensure safety with a simple, customisable daily checklist.

The Start of Day Checklist, allows Drivers to answer a simple list of questions when they start their shift, verifying they have what is needed to start and complete the day's work.

Designed to enhance fleet safety and compliance, you can introduce Start of Day Checklists into your operations to ensure your dedicated fleet or 3PL are meeting their legal requirements every day.

Start of Day Checklists require Drivers to complete a series or questions at the start of their shift when they log into the Radaro Driver App. 

Drivers answer a series of Yes, No questions with the option to take photos and add

comments as needed. 

The checklist is recorded against the Drivers profile and available for management as and when required.  Furthermore, checklist results can be escalated in real time to management for non-compliant responses.

The questions asked in the Start of Day Checklists are completely customisable (and images can be included) to suit your business and operational requirements. 

Other Checklists available within the Radaro software include:




If you are interested in learning more about Start of Day Checklists and how this workflow can be integrated into your operations, contact your Radaro Account Manager or a member of the Radaro team at