Star-Rating Redirect

Take your 5-Star Feedback to the next level with the Radaro Star-Rating Redirect

In an era where customer experience continues to be vital to business success, acknowledging and actioning client feedback remains critical to customer retention.

Radaro’s recent innovation takes delivery management to new heights to respond dynamically to customer feedback, ensuring tailored interactions that enhance customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

The Star-Rating Redirect feature is a testament to Radaro's commitment to cutting-edge solutions. Seamlessly integrated within the delivery management platform, this feature allows businesses to automatically redirect customers to distinct websites based on their provided star ratings.

The capability to differentiate responses based on customer sentiment is where the true power of this feature shines.

Proactively Respond to Low Feedback

For customers assigning lower star ratings, such as one or two stars, Radaro enables

businesses to proactively address concerns by redirecting these customers to a specialised website where businesses can swiftly acknowledge dissatisfaction and provide solutions or seek further clarity on the customer experience. 

This responsive approach not only mitigates negative experiences but also showcases a commitment to customer-centric resolutions.

Redirect negativeRedirect Positive

Reinforce Postive Experiences

On the other end of the spectrum, the Star-Rating Redirect feature transforms high-star ratings into opportunities for fostering loyalty. Customers awarding four or five stars are directed to adedicated website that celebrates their satisfaction, allowing businesses to engage customers with exclusive offers, premium services and loyalty programs.

This personalised engagement reinforces positive sentiment and elevates customer loyalty to new heights.


If you would like to activate the Star Rating Redirect feature within your Radaro account, contact your Account Manager or