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Solo Route Optimization

Learn how to create a route for a single driver

Routing allows you to optimize the job runs of both individual and groups of drivers from a chosen start and finish location, in order to provide drivers with their least kilometer run for their set of jobs in the shortest efficient route using live and future predicted traffic.

This reduces the amount of time and kilometers spent by your drivers on the roads and time spent waiting by customers. 


1. To optimize the route of a solo driver, you will need to start by assigning the driver their run of jobs for the day. 


2. Click on the “Drivers” tab. Select the driver you want to optimize the run for, by clicking on the driver, click a second time to open the driver profile screen. Click the “Optimize Jobs" to open the optimization screen. 


3. In the optimization screen, select the correct date for optimization, number of jobs you would like to optimize (if not all) and a start/end Hub (store/warehouse/driver home). Click "Optimize Route" to begin optimization.



Once the optimization is complete, you will be presented with the best travel route for the driver in the order of execution. The Radaro optimizer engine also determines the ETA to customer location, providing a time window based on your delivery window configuration. (i.e. 3 Hours).



4. Once reviewed, you can click on "Notify Customers" to trigger customer notifications on delivery time windows based on the optimized result. 



If you need assistance with Solo Route Optimization or are interested in learning more about how Radaro can be integrated into your operations, contact your Radaro Account Manager or a member of the Radaro team via support@radaro.com.