Route Optimisation

Radaro’s routing functionality is a powerful tool for increasing driver efficiencies and reducing the time and costs associated with being on the road.

Whether you’re delivering large bulky items, small high volume packages or people for service delivery, routing is a crucial component to your business.  

Being able to efficiently plan a delivery run has been a long standing pain point within the logistics industry with many factors needing to be considered, including:

  • Driver start and end points
  • Vehicle type and Capacity
  • Driver schedules - start and finish times, break allowance
  • Driver capabilities
  • Service time
  • Are you looking to utilise all available drivers/vehicles or minimise the number of drivers/vehicles on the road?

Radaro Route Optimisation takes the pain out of delivery planning.  With the use of complex algorithms taking into consideration the above factors, along with historical traffic data, in a few minutes the Radaro Route Optimisation tool can optimise your day's delivery routes, be it for one or multiple drivers.

Radaro Route Optimisation options:

  1. Solo - solo optimisation is ideal when jobs are assigned to a single driver.
  2. Group/Complex - ideal when you have multiple drivers capable of completing the same jobs.

Benefits of Route Optimisation

  • Reduces Costs - 
      • Reduce administrative burden in coordinating delivery schedules
      • Reduce fuel and on road costs through minimising time on road
  • Increases On-Time Deliveries 
  • Provides more accurate delivery windows which;
      • Minimises failed delivered and the need for costly re-deliveries 
      • Enhances customer experience and satisfaction

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If you need assistance with Route Optimisation or are interested in learning more about how Radaro can be integrated into your operations, contact your Radaro Account Manager or a member of the Radaro team via