Radaro Platform New Release: Customer Queuing

An informed and updated customer is ultimately a happy and less resource-draining customer…


Over the last couple of months, we have spent considerable time speaking with our enterprise clients about the added value Radaro could bring to their operations and customer experience. 

One of the key themes we were keen to learn more about was the need for enhanced visibility for customers not only at the last mile, however also during the day of delivery/day of service.  Think of an individual customer delivery tracking/status portal (equivalent to what a customer may receive through DHL or other), however, branded per your branding, consistent for every delivery driver or service technician network you partner with!

Our hypothesis being that an informed and updated customer is ultimately a happy and less resource-draining customer…

Our product team also saw the opportunity to build out an enhanced tool that provided for a 2-sided benefit for our enterprise clients, including improving the operational impact on the day to day management of their workflow.  More specifically, our new release enables enhanced:

  • Customer Digital Experience –Radaro can now help a brand further enhance its digital communication with customers prior to execution of the “last mile”, both with owned and contracted delivery networks
  • Operational / Administrative Efficiency – Radaro’s enhanced digital customer communication automatically leads to a dramatic reduction in inbound call volume and administrative “troubleshooting”

What have we built?

Our new, Enhanced CX customer engagement module allows our clients to notify customers through a central, singular digital tracking screen of:

  • Confirmation of “day of delivery/service”
  • Automatically updating customer status of “order of delivery/service” reflecting the sequence/schedule of work orders that individual delivery driver/service technician is executing during the day and the individual customers live position of that status
  • Live driver tracking and visibility only when driver is “on way” to that individual customer

Note: the content of the different statuses is largely customisable, meaning you can clearly outline customer instructions and process within the Enhanced CX for day of service and status in queue.

How do we do it?

  • Simple, the magic is incomplete automation of the workflow. 
  • We use our deep data and AI insights to directly link the customer's digital visibility with the “live” execution of the network, ensuring the customer is effectively kept as informed as a dispatch manager, whilst removing the need for timely and expensive manual intervention and communication

What is the impact?

  • Enhanced customer digital experience – simply, easy to use customer engagement, reflects the “live” day of operations to keep customers fully informed.  The customer interface is clean, consistent and reflects Radaro’s world-leading, “live tracking” browser experience.  Absolutely no apps to install or consignment numbers to enter.
  • Significant reduction in customer inbound enquiry and call centre volume. Radaro clients are already reporting up to a further 50% reduction in inbound “where is my delivery/service” calls from the implementation of the Enhanced CX module feature.

You can find out more about the functionality here or reach out to your Radaro Account Manager today!