Manage risk associated with completing jobs on customer premises.

The Pre-Inspection feature was developed to provide both you and your Drivers with an 'insurance policy' when completing jobs.

Pre-Inspection allows your Drivers, Installers and Service Technicians to manage the risk associated with completing jobs on customer premises by capturing site information before they commence work. 


Radaro's Pre-Inspection module, allows a Driver/Installer to:

  • Take up to 5 photos
  • Record comments
  • Capture client signature


This allows your team to document any site imperfections prior to commencing work.

By documenting the Pre-inspection process and gaining this level of visibility in a digital format that is recorded within the Job report, the Pre-Inspection feature enables you to quickly respond to any customer feedback or disputes.

If you need assistance with Pre-Inspections or are interested in learning more about how Radaro can be integrated into your operations, contact your Radaro Account Manager or a member of the Radaro team via