Order Concatenation

Simply put, concatenation means linking things together.

With Radaro Order Concatenation, when you have have multiple jobs going to:

  • the same person, 
  • with the same address, 
  • same contact number and 
  • on the same day,  

Radaro Concatenation will automatically link (or group) all the individual jobs

together into one ‘grouped’ job.

The single Grouped job can then be allocated  to a single driver/technician streamlining your processes and increasing efficiencies.

The great thing with Radaro Order Concatenation, the driver/technician, within the Grouped Job, will see all the individual jobs so:

  1. They still have all the individual details and descriptions
  2. If for some reason, one job, of the grouped jobs cannot be completed, that single job can be canceled/failed, while all others are successfully completed
  3. Client only needs to sign one POD

From the manager and customer support point of view:

  1. Jobs can still be searched in Radaro using the:
    • Client name
    • Client address
    • Or the individual job reference number
   2. Reporting is still at the individual job level

If you are interested in learning more about Order Concatenation and how this workflow can be integrated into your operations, contact your Radaro Account Manager or a member of the Radaro team by emailing support@radaro.com.