My Radaro App is not working as expected

Troubleshooting steps if your Radaro app is not working as expected

For any technical issues regarding the Radaro App, please review the following steps:

  • Are you running the most current operating system for your device?


    You can check which version of iOS you have on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch via the Settings app.
    To do so, navigate to Settings > General > About. You’ll see the version number to the right of the “Version” entry on the About page. 
    To start an update, head to Settings > General > Software Update.

    Open your phone's Settings app.
    Near the bottom, tap System > Advanced > System update.
    See your "Android version" and "Security patch level."

  • Are you running the most recently updated version of the Radaro App?
    One of the main reasons for the Radaro app to stop working on the mobile device is the app is not up to date. Radaro will push updates out via the app store regularly and depending on the device settings you may or may not be getting those. 

    To check if your App is up to date go to the Android or Apple App Store and search for Radaro. Once you locate Radaro open the app page, a button will appear that either shows either 'Update' or 'Open'.

    If the button says 'Update' the app requires an update so go ahead and press the button. 
    If the button shows 'Open' the app does not require an update. 
  • Have you tried closing and restarting the Radaro App?
    The easiest way to confirm your Radaro App has been restarted is to reboot your device. Please follow the manufacturer's instructions to restart the device. 

  • Have you tried logging out and back into the Radaro App? 
    To log out of the app from the main page look for the profile picture in the top right and press it, this will open a menu and at the bottom of the menu will be the 'Log Out' option.
    Press it to log out of the App. 

  • Have you tried reinstalling the Radaro App?
    If all of the above steps do not help you may be required to complete an App Re-install, to do so navigate to Radaro via the App store. On the App page next to the 'open'/'update' button will be an uninstall button. Press that to uninstall the app. Once uninstalled you will be able to re-install via the App page again. 

If these steps do not resolve your technical issues, please contact the Radaro Support Team.

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