Microsoft Power BI and Radaro

Power BI (Business Intelligence) is Microsoft’s reporting tool, allowing businesses to bridge the gap between data and decision making through this easy to use yet powerful reporting solution. Power BI is universally regarded as the leading data and analytics reporting platform in the world.

Radaro and Power BI

Radaro digitises every touchpoint in the last mile and that means you have access to rich data insights over your entire driver/service network.

With Power BI, the data captured by Radaro can be visualised for easy analysis providing deeper insights into your organisation’s delivery or field service performance. Radaro’s Power BI Reports can be updated Daily, Weekly or Monthly to suit your requirements and provides the insights needed to assess your business performance.

The standard Radaro BI report includes a high-level summary of jobs including:

  • Average time per job
  • Time on site
  • Delivery/Service statistics
  • Distance travelled
  • Customer feedback 

Deep dive further and view:

  • Statistics by operation, site and/or driver
  • Mapping – see where your deliveries/service calls are and if any sites are overlapping or if there are gaps in your network
  • Customer Reviews – sort by star rating and quickly assess feedback provided to identify strengths or weaknesses
  • Trends – quickly see how your key metrics are performing over key cyclical trends (i.e., 60 days or 6 months.)

In addition to the standard Radaro BI Report, we offer a complete data customisation service, whereby our data and analytics team can partner with our users to customise reporting to highlight specific data needs of our clients, ensuring relevant and impactful business insights.  A sample of which is presented below:

  • Route information
  • Deleted jobs log
  • Breakdown via territories/regions
  • Customised NPS Survey reporting


If you are interested in learning more about the Radaro BI reporting tool, contact your Radaro Account Manager or a member of the Radaro team at (03) 8548 1892 or by emailing