Job Labels & Skill Sets

Labels provide a data point that you can quickly and easily refer back at any point in time. Skill sets allow you to match skilled drivers with jobs requiring particular skill sets.

Job labels are an exciting data capture tool that enables you to clearly identify and communicate to drivers and merchants the nature of a job to be completed. Labels are fully customizable to reflect your operations and can be easily created, edited and deleted from the management portal. Labels provide a data point that you can quickly and easily refer back at any point in time and are currently used by a number of our clients to detail aspects such as:

  • The model of goods to be attended to.
  • The urgency of the job.
  • The nature of the job is completed (e.g. delivery, pick up, service).

Learn how to create a Job Label here.

Skill Sets

Skill Sets are an exciting employee organization tool that is great for companies that offer customers a variety of service offerings e.g. Delivery, Install, Services, etc. Skill Sets are a configurable label that can be linked to an employee which indicates what level of job they can complete based on the level of training they have completed. A job at a particular level can only be allocated to a driver who possesses the required skill set.

Skill Sets are completely customizable to your operations and are a great tool for ensuring work is fielded out to the appropriate employees. Skill sets can be configured by either a driver and a manager, to provide drivers with the ability to choose the work they can complete or can be manager configurable only, known as “Secret Skills”.  Learn how to create Skill Set here.

If you need assistance with Labels & Skill Sets or are interested in learning more about how Radaro can be integrated into your operations, contact your Radaro Account Manager or a member of the Radaro team via