Inventory Control

Equip Your Delivery Teams with Comprehensive Line-by-Line Product Details

Attain precise control over inventory by equipping your delivery teams with in depth line-by-line product information.

With increasing demand for detailed product information to facilitate real-time invoicing solutions and bulk stock adjustments, Radaro has developed Radaro Inventory Control.


Benefits of Radaro Inventory Control

Enable real-time updates to inventory systems

With Inventory Control providing line by line details, Drivers can seamlessly edit quantities and report partial deliveries which in turn instantaneously updates, reflecting accurate stock levels


Improve Driver load-outs

With precise product information available, delivery teams can ensure that the correct items are loaded onto their vehicles, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction.








Expedite the load-out process 

Inventory Control eliminates the need for manual cross-referencing and verification, as all necessary information is readily accessible to the delivery teams, enabling swifter vehicle loading. 


Eliminate paper-based processes 

Reducing administrative burdens and enable a more efficient and environmentally friendly workflow through digitisation and automation. 








With daily warehouse collection summaries, efficient pick-up and delivery quantity management, and product-specific escalations, this intuitive process ensures precise control over inventory distribution. 

Radaro's Inventory Control feature offers substantial time and cost savings while enhancing operational efficiency. 


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