How to Complete a Job in the Radaro Driver App

Learn how to complete a job in the Radaro Driver App.

The Radaro Driver app allows you to complete jobs which have been assigned to you by your manager. This guide will help you to complete a job in the Radaro Driver App.

Step 1. Start Shift

From your Radaro home screen, select "Start Shift" located within the "Driver Control Panel" located at the top of the screen. Once you tap "Start Shift", you will come online and your location will be visible to your manager. 

Step 2: Start of Day Checklist

Once you come online, you may be asked to complete a start of day checklist. This is an additional module that may be turned off or on by your manager. 


Step 3:  Jobs List

From the home screen, we can swipe up on the "Today" jobs list and our jobs will be sorted by deadline.

Tapping on "Yesterday" or "Tomorrow" we can see any previously completed, or future jobs depending on if your manager has assigned any jobs to you. 

Step 4: Job Details

Once you select a job, you will see a quick overview of the details. You will see the job deadline date and time, the customers name and address as well as a "click-to-call" button to call the customer. Selecting "Details" will move you to another screen which will include further information about the job which your manager has entered including any labels or skill sets required to complete the job. 



Step 5: Navigating to the customers address

Once you have read through the details of the job and are prepared to begin the job, select "Start" and the status will change to an "In Progress" status. Once the job has been started, we can push out to the preferred navigation app


Step 6: Completing a Job

Assuming you have arrived at the customers address, we now move through the "Job Completion" steps. 

1 - adding a "Success Code" which are defined by your manager and any further comments about that code. 

2 - Capture an image, this might be the customer letterbox to prove that you were at the correct address, or this might be an image of the installed appliance. 

3 - Capture a signature

4 - Scan in any additional documents (this feature may not be enabled by your manager)

5 - Add in any final comments you wish to attach to this job


Step 6.1: Failing a Job

If for any reason, the driver arrives on site and cannot complete the job we can go ahead and "Fail" the job. 

When we "Fail" the job, we are presented with a similar screen to when we are to "Complete" a job though we get to select an "Error" code set up by your manager. 

1 - Select the required "Error Code"

2 - Add a description as to why the job was failed

3 - Add in an image which demonstrates why you could not complete the job

4 - Enter in any final comments

Step 7: Completed Jobs List

Once you select "Complete Job" the job will move to a "Finished" status in grey and will remain at the bottom of your "Today" jobs list. You are still able to select the job and see what information was previously entered, though cannot be edited. 



Step 8: Going offline

Once you have completed your days work, you will then need to "End Shift" from the home screens control panel. 

Once you have ended your shift you will no longer be visible to your manager.

If you need assistance with Completing a Job in the Radaro Driver App or are interested in learning more about how Radaro can be integrated into your operations, contact your Radaro Account Manager or a member of the Radaro team via