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Customer SMS and Email Notifications

Learn how to notify customers and provide real time updates

Customer notifications are a great tool for eliminating the black hole of last-mile delivery or service calls.  The “call to action” of an event (i.e. a delivery or booked service) enhances the ability for a company to engage with its customers.  Radaro is built to send white-labelled and branded SMS notifications and emails to provide live “Driver on Way” notifications to customers. 

Radaro has the ability to send four different customer communications – each can be turned on or off with customizable text to meet your business needs. 

Pre-arrival Notifications

Upcoming alerts to notify customers that their delivery/ driver will be arriving within a certain time frame can be set to the morning of the job commencement or the night before, with the time windows completely customizable to best meet your operations.

With pre-arrival notifications, you can reduce the time spent waiting by customers for their driver to arrive, which in turn, decreases the number of missed visits and improves overall customer satisfaction.

Instant pre-arrival notification

This SMS notification is sent immediately upon entering the job into Radaro.

This option is great when you create jobs in Radaro days ahead of time. It helps set customer expectations on an upcoming visit. 



24-hour pre-arrival notification

This SMS notification is sent 24 hours prior to the job deadline.



Morning of pre-arrival notification

This SMS notification is sent the morning of arrival at a time set by you.



Post-Route Optimization pre-arrival notification

This SMS notification is sent post route optimization from the management portal and includes the optimized time window.


Pre-delivery notifications can also be used in conjunction with Radaro's Customer Queuing functionality. You can find more information on Customer Queuing here.

Live Tracking

Each customer notification includes a Radaro live driver tracking URL which, when opened, presents the customer with a rideshare-style map of their driver’s location and journey path. This enables customers to track their driver’s position in real time and reduces the time spent traditionally waiting for a delivery driver or service tech to arrive between broad time windows.



Rating And Feedback

As a driver triggers the completion of a job, the Radaro live driver tracking URL then asks for the customer to provide feedback on their experience by way of a 5-star rating and free text comments fields. This enables real-time feedback and gives the manager the chance to respond to any dissatisfaction in a timely manner or reward service staff based on live feedback.

Radaro's 5-star rating can also rollover to a customizable NPS survey upon completion. You can find more information on NPS here.


Feedback Reminder texts can be set to send an alert to customers who do not complete the rollover customer satisfaction rating from the live tracking link an hour and 24 hours from the completion of the job by the driver.





Job Failure Notifications

Job Failure Notifications alert customers when their job has been failed from either the Management Portal or the Radaro Driver App.

There are different variable components you can add to any SMS:


  • Arrival Day (short): 1 July
  • Arrival Day (full): 1 July 2020
  • Arrival Window: 10:28 AM - 12:28 PM
  • Position in Driver's Queue: 17
  • Brand Name: ABC Company
  • Customer Name: John Smith
  • Customer Address: 123, Smith Way, Smithers, VIC 3000
  • Arrival ETA: 18 Mins


If you need assistance with Customer Notifications or are interested in learning more about how Radaro can be integrated into your operations, contact your Radaro Account Manager or a member of the Radaro team via support@radaro.com.