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Creating Skill Sets

Skill Sets allow you to ensure that work is assigned to the appropriate employees for the job.

Skill Sets are configurable labels that allow you to restrict who can complete a job based on a variety of reasons, such as qualifications, achieving a level of training, or obtaining the necessary license to name a few.

This allows you to ensure that work is assigned to the appropriate employees for the job.

You can create Skill Sets by navigating to the settings page, and from there tapping on "Add-ons". You will find skill sets at the bottom of the page.

To create a Skill Set, simply tap “Add Skill Set”. Here you can create the skill set e.g. Premium Installation and add a brief description of what the skill level requires of drivers. You can also colour code your Skill Sets for identification purposes.

You also have the ability to create secret Skill Sets which you can assign to drivers, however, they will be hidden from view. 


To assign Skill Sets to drivers, simply press on the “0 Drivers” next to each Skill Set you have created and select which drivers you would like to assign. Please note that drivers can be assigned to multiple Skill Sets.

Drivers can also assign themselves to non-secret Skill Sets from the driver profile section of the Radaro app by selecting skill sets, and then tapping the skill sets they wish to assign to themselves.

Now that you have created a Skill Set, you can add it to a job you create. When you add a job, you will notice a button on the right-hand side labelled “Skill Sets”. Simply tap this and choose which skill set you would like and select “Choose Skill Sets”.


Once you are ready to assign the job to a driver, Radaro will automatically limit who you can assign the job to based on the Skill Sets assigned to each driver.


If you need assistance with Creating Skill Sets or are interested in learning more about how Radaro can be integrated into your operations, contact your Radaro Account Manager or a member of the Radaro team via support@radaro.com.