Barcode / Transit Label Scanning

Customer expectations in regards to the ability to trace deliveries has never been higher.  

With new technologies making it easy for us to track personal items, consumers expect the same convenience and ease of tracking when it comes to goods and services they’ve purchased.  

How are goods tracked?

Generally, businesses will use a transit label to enable package tracing.

Transit labels include details such as addresses, names, weight, and a unique barcode.

By scanning the barcode along the various delivery points, allows for a chain of custody to be created and an item's whereabouts to be traced. 

Barcode Scanning in Radaro

Supporting all major barcode formats, the Radaro Barcode feature allows Drivers to Scan on and/or off the goods they’re carrying to maintain the chain of custody.  From the Radaro management portal, allocators/dispatch teams along with customer service teams can see if items have been scanned on/off and within the Driver App, Drivers can see a full list of the days required items and their position within the delivery queue to improve vehicle loading.  

Radaro Barcode Scanning Options

To suit varying business requirements and complement other softwares and processes, Radaro settings can be adjusted to suit.

Barcode or transit label can be set to:

  • At warehouse (pickup) only
  • On delivery only
  • Scan at pick up and delivery

In-field Barcode Creation

An optional feature offered by Radaro, allows Drivers to add Barcodes to jobs from the field.

There are circumstances where jobs are created, yet the barcode or transit label details are not ready. This enhanced barcode feature, allows Drivers to effortlessly scan barcodes to instantly add the details to the job providing for full chain of custody.

How Drivers Scan Barcodes

Barcode scanning with Radaro is simple.  The Radaro Driver App utilises the smartphone camera, so Drivers simply need to position their phone over the barcode for the barcode to register.  


If you are interested in learning more about how Radaro Barcode / Transit Label Scanning can be integrated into your operations, contact your Radaro Account Manager or a member of the Radaro team via